Watch Out for this Terrific New Book Release!

This terrific new book, the first in a series of three which tells the whole, entirely horrific, and true life story, is due to be released in late October.  It tells of a child growing up in England with aspirations, as a result of her friendships with American, military, children, of coming to, “The Land of Milk & Honey.”  Although her dream is discarded as a result of her love relationships and rekindled many times, a sweet old psychic reveals that, despite Linda’s constant change of mind her dreams are to come true, but  further refuses to tell the horrors in the cards that she sees there.  Over the years, this book covers the wonders of growing up in England, the trials and tribulations of relationships, including domestic violence, death defying experiences, mystical events that have no legitimate explanations, adolescense and all of its dysfunctions, marriage, adventure of exploring a new life, and much more. This book will be available online at Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and  It will also be available on kindle to. Watch out for its release in late October.

Cuts to Aid Financially Failing America: Let’s Start at the Top!

I just now figured it out how to increase the finanical well being of America, let’s start with more cuts in spending starting at the top!  See below:

Salary of the US President ……………….$400,000
Salary of retired US Presidents ………….$180,000
Salary of House/Senate …………………..$174,00​0
Salary of Speaker of the House …………$223,500
Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders …… $193,400
…Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN IRAQ $38,000
I think we found where the cuts should be made !

What’s your thoughts on this?  If we did significant cuts in this type of frivilous and exorbitant spending, think how much we could save and recoup over the years?  Let me know what your thoughts on this are ploease?  Thank you.

Restore America Financially: Stop False & Inappropriate Disability Claims!

So, America has had a drop in credit rating huh?  Our financial deficit continues to climb and be insolvable huh?   Well, I have a concern that, if resolved, would save this country millions of dollars in fraudulent expenditures and help ease some of that huge deficit that hangs over this country’s financial well-being, false Disability claims.

            This is a chronic problem that no one seems to want to appropriately address and continues to be an unresolved issue year after year.  Not aided by the money hungry attorneys who, through multiple ads mostly on the television, profess that no matter what they can win you the right to a monthly disability check, the lazy ass population of America who thinks the world owes them a living continues to fight the fight inappropriately, in all too many cases, for that free income that lets them live a leisurely life without having to work for a living.  Not only are these false claims coming from people that allege false physical disabilities that are hard to prove, such as chronic back pain, headaches, and other hard to prove conditions, but, even worse, many are as a result of fraudulent mental health claims that can easily be faked such as depression, bipolar disorder, (which probably applies to about 99.9% of the population at some point in time of their lives or another), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the occurrence of various addictions!

            Let’s look first at the complaints of a physical nature such as chronic back pain and/or headaches along with similar other hard to prove ailments.   Unless there is physical evidence of such, as in x-ray and similar type tests, such complaints remain purely subjective. On many occasions, these individuals may be diagnosed with mental disorders as a result of their complaints that bear no evidence other than the complainants say so.   Such complaints are purely subjective, and without evidence of, in many cases, any physiological foundation. These people, with complaints such as this, continuously show up on repeated occasions in emergency rooms, both private, where they might have insurance, and/or in county hospitals, especially if they don’t have insurance, further adding to the financial burden of the counties within which they live and seek treatment from. These frequent visits to emergency rooms, stays in hospitals, and sick days off of their current employment serve as further proof that the disability seeking client truly has some disorder making them ineligible for the work force.  The attorneys that represent them, knowing that, at some point in time they will surely get their share also, continue to fight the good fight knowing that their undaunting efforts ultimately will win them a hefty check also, or payment from their client, even if over the course of many years, until such debt is cleared. These battles so aggressively fought on behalf of the “Disabled client,” tie up court rooms needlessly for years to come, backing up courtrooms and the drudge of local battles to be fought there, and cost the counties, states, and the country as a whole even more millions of thousands of dollars as a result of these fraudulent claims.

            Then, even worse, we come to the Mental Health allegations.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if someone truly is, and I mean truly as evidenced by multiple legitimate tests and the resultant facts that state so, mentally ill and not in control of their behaviors, I’m all for them getting what they deserve as a means to help them survive to an appropriate standard of living in this world.   Having been a healthcare professional for twenty years, I can honestly say that, in all too many incidents, there are way too many fakers and fraudulent claims by people alleging this or that mental illness and how such illness incapacitates them.  All too often, observing these same fraudulent claimants, they are more able to work than I am!   It becomes very apparent, from day one, that all they seek is the almighty monthly government check freeing them up from the daily grind of having to work so that they live their lives doing whatever it is they wish to do on a daily basis, even at a lower standard of living, and be free from working America!  How many of us, for instance, have been depressed at one point or another in our lives?  How many have stated, “I don’t feel like going to work today?”  I understand that depression is a legitimate mental illness, treatable by medications, but, I think, as long as you can walk, talk, move all your limbs with little or no constraint, and have a well- functioning brain otherwise, then you have the capacity to work, the ability to work, and this should not be a candidate for our tax dollars delivered to them free in a monthly disability check?  How many that have physical disabilities continue to strive to pursue some form of productive employment day after day despite that which has been handed down to them limiting their ability to function as other “Normal,” Americans do?  All too many people, pursuing the almighty monthly disability check use their addictions and subjective mental health diagnosis’ to be nonproductive, stay at home, lazy Americans.   How many thousands of millions of dollars would it save America to treat these people’s ailments, discharge them from the hospital, as you would any physical ailment, and say, “Okay, you’re fixed for now, go back to work until the next time!” 

            Even though I didn’t approve of this resolution, I had to laugh at one local disc jockey’s resolution to the problem of fraudulent Americans trying to suck off the system inappropriately by falsely alleging disabilities where they could have been, at least intermittently, productive, working Americans.  His statement publicly on the radio, and this DJ is very opinionated and outspoken in all of his thoughts, stated a resolution that, despite its lack of empathy and humanitarian approach, would have resolved the entire issue once and for all.  He stated for all the drug addicts, those with addictions to drugs and alcohol, to be allowed to do as much of their chosen drug of choice as they so wanted to, and, ultimately, being given that freedom, as he stated, we would eventually rid the entire gene pool of such individuals, therefore, saving hundreds of thousands in needless disability checks!!!!!!! I’m sorry, despite its inappropriateness; I couldn’t help but crack up laughing!!!!!  Hey, maybe I’m mentally ill if I think that’s funny, maybe I need a disability check!?

            In all reality, all humor aside, I believe that, if we treated unfounded complaints that bear no evidence outside of the subjective say so of the complainant, if we could treat mental health illness as we do physical ailments by fixing them and putting them back into working America, even if only temporarily until the next time, and refuse disability to those with otherwise good working bodies, brains, and the ability to do something, as opposed to nothing, then think of how much that would lower the out of control U.S.A. deficit?  Such refusal to pay out to those who may have periods of being productive would surely help to bring America back into the financial black instead of the fast, failing, financial red. Those seeking, and falsely alleging, disability are undermining and killing America financially, so, in lowering the deficit, why don’t we start right there?  Maybe then, and in that way after a period of time, we could begin to approach the opportunity to restore some of that U.S. Credit rating, or, at least, it would be a giant step in the right direction would it not?                             


Check out my book on Kindle that goes into this issue even further!

This book on Kindle is about the inappropriate diagnosis and prescribing medications to children by pediatricians and general practitioners alike.  Such erroneous identification of the infamous diagnosis, ADD/ADHD, often begin at school by teachers grossly overwhelmed by the number of children in each class that they have to assume educational and behavioral responsibility for.  This entire horrendous trend is further encouraged by the pharmaceutical companies that offer incentives to physicians to aggressively prescribe medications to children for these conditions.  You will see when you read this book the extent of this problem that equates to no more than using our children, yours and mine, for profitable income for those that are most likely to benefit from this interest.  Read and learn in this book as to how you can protect your children from this kind of fraudulent use of your kids for income in being forced to take these mind altering drugs when they may just be normal, high energy kids!

What Would You Like More Information On?

Just a quick question, if you could get more information on any topic, what would that topic be? No restrictions now, any subject you just don’t know enough about? Email me your answers if you please? Thanks.

Klacey J. Smith, An Author & Advocate For All…

Klacey J. Smith

Fighting for Liberty and Justice for All

Hello to all WordPress bloggers.  My name is Klacey J. Smith, and I am an author who has very strong convictions.  Having adverse experiences with various departments supposed to protect victims, such adverse situations have led me to begin writing the first of three books, “Edie’s Castle, Part One: Paula’s Prophecy.”  Urged on by previous Prelaw professors, not to mention my high school teacher way back when, my tears flowed profusely with each typed word causing me to relive the horrors that my youngest son, me, and the rest of my family were put through at the practice of the most heinous corruption, discriminations, and adverse conspiracy of the law you might never before have heard of.  Realizing that such trials and tribulations stem nationally across all statelines, as evidenced by others sharing their horror stories with me, my book reaches out to those going through a similar, “Living hell,” in that they may learn from those of us who have already survived such nightmarish situations.  So bad is our story, portrayed especially in the third book to be written, that one outside onlooker stated that such a story would make, “A great Stephen King movie!”  At best, I hope my written words can help others, and, if such a wish be answered, then our family will have recouped some sense of peace from all that we’ve so needlessly been put through.

Watch Out for this Must Read New Book!

Watch Out for this Must Read New Book!.

Terrific New Book Being Released: “Edie’s Castle: Paula’s Prophecy,” by Klacey J. Smith. 

This book is a must read especially if you are a victim of domestic violence or know of someone who is.  It spans across all stages of growth and development from that of a small child to an adult, and involves all the drama of loves gained and lost, the mystic of a medium that made predictions, but then wouldn’t tell that which she saw where it was so incredibly horrible, and God’s hand at work in mysterious unfolding events.   Due to be released, all being well, in late August or early September, this is the first in a series of three which one onlooker of this true life story stated would, “Make a great Stephen King Movie!” 

If you would like personal notification of when this book is released, and/or you’d like Klacey to come and speak for your group, and/or do private, group, book signings, please contact us at:


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Watch for the release and obtain your copy from either online Borders, Barnes & Nobles, or

            We can all learn from this true life story contained in this book.