The publishing of mine that referred to erroneous misdiagnosis and medicating of kids with ADD/ADHD just won me a Gold Prize Award with ViewsHound. To get your Kindle copy of this publishing, simply click on the link above and it will take you to Amazon and directly to the site.  Jumping for joy, of course!


Beware the online scammers, for they are masters at what they do.  Initially, they reel you in with their promises of instant, easy, and, a chance of, great wealth, or some other nerve that they touch on where there is a great need.  Targeting a specific audience, their words of false promises, fraudulent advertising, and exaggerated amount of discount if you’ll only shop now, and only with them, instill an immediate sense of urgency in the consumer.   So much is the sense of urgency instilled, that unsuspecting or overly trusting onlookers rush to their wallets and, or, pocket books, frantically searching for that credit or debit card so that they can quickly make that purchase in the time limit that’s offered.  In many instances, the time limit is, for instance, “The next ten minutes,” or “The next twenty customers.”   Rushing back to their computers, those poor victims, of these online scammers,can’t seem to type quick enough to secure their bargain of whatever it is that will make them richer, happier, or even younger looking than they were not a second ago.

With a sigh of relief at seeing their purchase verified, only later, sometimes within minutes, but usually within days to a week, the purchaser quickly realizes that they have been the victims of these monstrous fellows who seem to operate without conscience at those they rob so easily and blindly.  Feeling a heavy weight in one’s stomach, the consumer tries to go through the banks, or the credit card company.  The bad thing is, that once you submit that credit card or debit card number, the transaction goes through in minutes.  Good luck on getting the payment stopped even if you change your mind immediately after you place your order and have it confirmed.  Many of the credit card companies offer some reassurance of their interventions regarding such scams, but the banks, ah well, that’s an entirely different story for the most part.    The consumer, already feeling completely foolish at having been so easily suckered in, now has to complete paperwork, in many cases, to dispute the purchase giving the reasons for the dispute and submitting copies of anything and everything concerned with the erroneous or refuted charges.  No matter what, the bank is going to make sure that they don’t go without payment where payment was submitted, and, unfortunately, this is one loss, depending how big the loss is, that the consumer might have to simply chalk up to experience.

The rule of thumb is, no matter how desperately you think you need something, no matter how wonderful this offer sounds, the bottom line is, if it comes as being too good to be true, then it probably is a scam.  If you sit back for twenty-four hours and think everything over in your head during that time before reaching for that credit/debit card, chances are you probably won’t feel as compelled to order as you did within the first five minutes of listening to their misleading and often fraudulent sales pitch.   I’m not a big fan of credit cards, I think they’re trouble in and of themselves, but the ones that make certain guarantees on scams, and getting your fees removed, are probably worth their weight in gold if you tend to make a lot of bad choices in you purchases, especially if they’re online.  The easiest way to deal with this though would be to sit on it for a day or so, and if you still feel you have to, then do so at your own risk.  Make sure the company has a phone number, legitimate customers that you could actually email or contact in some way to get their true opinion, and always check out any reviews that have been previously offered.  Are the products offered online, like online classes vs. delivering software and CD packages to you?  Be sure that what you see in their advertisements is an accurate account of what you actually get.  Once you give up that card number online, it’s not only a hassle to try to get your money back, but, also, now they have your card number and the potential to steal your identity and wipe out all your accounts associated with that card or the credit limit on it.  So, like mentioned previously, if in doubt, sit on it for twenty-four hours and them make a decision as to what is the best thing to do.  In any event, never let your guard down when purchasing things online, and beware of those online scammers that are looking for desperate people who want to make purchases and have money to spend!

Thanks to All My New Kindle Customers!

Truly an Advocate for Domestic Violence Victims

                                           I just want to say thanks to all those that have so far brought and read my Kindle books and the kind comments that you have sent to me about the information contained in them. I’m glad that you are able to receive valuable information from them that is helping you in your own personal situations.  Feedback from my readers is very important to me and lets me know what you like, what information you crave more of, and let’s me know further what information I can share with you to help ease whatever dramatic situation you maybe in.   Remember, if you would like me to come and do a presentation for your group or a book signing at your store, please contact me via my email at:
Being an advocate of Domestic Violence, and knowing how corrupt and unethical the court system and its other supportive departments can be, I’m here for you if you need to contact me about any dilemmas that you maybe having even if they’re not related to either of these mentioned situations.  Wishing all of my readers, and those readers to come, a terrific day, remember, no matter what dilemmas you may face, keep smiling!                                                                                                                                                                       

Newly Published on Kindle!

Newly Published on Kindle

Just wanted to let you know that I am now a published author having my first article published on Kindle, “1960’s English, Lazy, Crazy, Days of Summer!”  Check it out!  I know my high school teacher, who always encouraged me to become an author will be very happy about now!  If you buy the article, please let me know what you think?! These articles supplement my soon to be released book, “Edie’s Castle: Part One: Paula’s Prophecy.”

Those 1960’s, English, Lazy, Crazy, Days of Summer!

Check out this book on my Kindle now by clicking on the link below!

This book of mine on Kindle takes you back to those 1960’s lazy, lay back days of summer, only this is a day in the life of a child in England.  As you read this article, it will remind you of how we have evolved from these carefree days into the busy lifestyles that we all live.  Serving as a reminder of how we all need to return to this kind of lifestyle for our well-being, the reader will get a small taste of what English life was like back then in those lazy, slow living days of village life in the midst of the summer.  Check  it out now on Amazon and let me know what you think!  In the intense descriptions of the scenery and the life, close your eyes and visualise, you’ll almost think you are there to!


Watch Out for this Terrific New Book Release!

This terrific new book, the first in a series of three which tells the whole, entirely horrific, and true life story, is due to be released in late October.  It tells of a child growing up in England with aspirations, as a result of her friendships with American, military, children, of coming to, “The Land of Milk & Honey.”  Although her dream is discarded as a result of her love relationships and rekindled many times, a sweet old psychic reveals that, despite Linda’s constant change of mind her dreams are to come true, but  further refuses to tell the horrors in the cards that she sees there.  Over the years, this book covers the wonders of growing up in England, the trials and tribulations of relationships, including domestic violence, death defying experiences, mystical events that have no legitimate explanations, adolescense and all of its dysfunctions, marriage, adventure of exploring a new life, and much more. This book will be available online at Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and  It will also be available on kindle to. Watch out for its release in late October.

Cuts to Aid Financially Failing America: Let’s Start at the Top!

I just now figured it out how to increase the finanical well being of America, let’s start with more cuts in spending starting at the top!  See below:

Salary of the US President ……………….$400,000
Salary of retired US Presidents ………….$180,000
Salary of House/Senate …………………..$174,00​0
Salary of Speaker of the House …………$223,500
Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders …… $193,400
…Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN IRAQ $38,000
I think we found where the cuts should be made !

What’s your thoughts on this?  If we did significant cuts in this type of frivilous and exorbitant spending, think how much we could save and recoup over the years?  Let me know what your thoughts on this are ploease?  Thank you.