A very rich and prominent business man was having a party at his 10,000 square foot home to celebrate the success of his latest business venture.  As it was summer time, everyone was outside around his olympic size pool drinking their cocktails, and congratulating the rich business man on his latest success.  Many of his guests, while praising this man, verbalized how envious of his success they were, so much so that, towards the end of the evening the rich business man-made a challenge to all of his guests.  “If there is anyone that can swim across my pool and make it to the other side in one piece, then that person can have half of my fortune,” the rich business man stated. Disbelieving that he would offer such an easy challenge, many of the guests started peeling off  their clothes down to where they could swim unhindered, and, as they did so, the rich business man pushed a button that opened a door under the water and out came several great big sharks!  Everyone gasped when they saw the sharks swimming in the pool.

Then the rich business man threw in a mass of dead fish, and the sharks went into a mad frenzy fighting for their fair share of the juicy fish thrown to feed them.  Water splashed everywhere, and the guests looked on with open mouths as they inched back from the water. All of a sudden there was a splash at the side of the pool, and here was a guest in the water ready, it appeared, to take on the challenge.  The sharks began to swim to him thinking he was more food and so the man took off diving under this shark, hitting another shark that tried to attack him striking the shark in the eye.  On he continued, hitting and kicking the sharks that tried to attack him, diving under, swimming over, and fighting his way through, across the pool until he finally made it to the other side, and fought off another shark as he pulled himself out of the pool, in one piece, with only minor bites and injuries to himself. 

The rich business man went over to the fellow that met his challenge and offered him half of all his riches.  The man, out of breath, suffering many minor bites and injuries, turned to the rich business man and refused his offer stating, “Sir, I don’t want any of your money.”  The rich business man was astounded, his mouth dropped open in shock, and he protested, “But you met my challenge, you swam across the pool, and you’re still in one piece?”   The fellow that swam across the pool turned to the rich business man again and stated, “I don’t want any of your riches, but I sure would like to know who the jerk was that pushed me into your pool!”  LOL!



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Have you ever wondered what you can do to lower your stress and potentially decrease your chances of having a premature heart attack?  Are you tired of living every single day tensed up from daily life, family issues, and problems that present themselves leading to our increased frustration, anguish, and emotional melt down?  Well, this article reiterates all the things that you can do on a daily basis to try and deal with that stress better, and, in the long term, actually help to potentially lower your stress level by adopting these life long valuable practices.  In this fast paced life, we often forget to take care of ourselves and do some of the simplest, free things that would greatly help each one of us deal so much better with our daily stressful lives and fast paced standard of living.  Read this book and adopt these practices on a regular, daily basis and let me know if any one of these interventions helps you to deal with the world a little better and, or, helps lower your stress level?  This is a must read for everyone!


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