Klacey J. Smith, Author

Having come from a small village in Oxfordshire, England, named Steeple Aston, where I befriended many of the newly planted “Yankee kids,” there on the American military estate at the top of our village, even at the age of five years old I had serious aspirations to come to, “The Land of Milk & Honey.”  “Edie’s Castle: Part One: Paula’s Prophecy,” tells of my growing up in Steeple Aston, and how I discarded and rekindled my dream many times.  As fate would have it, as told in a spread of playing cards by the prophecy of an old, strange, but sweet lady, whom I came across at the young age of seventeen, my dream was secured but held horrors beyond that which the old psychic refused to reveal. The series, “Edie’s Castle,” is the first in a series of three books that tells where I started out, my adventures and dramatic life in America, and, finally, in the last book, the horrors of my life that were too horrendous to tell. I hope that you will share this journey with me as you read all three books the first of which is due to be released in October, 2011. 

As far as following me, I can be found by my fan page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other sites.  If you would like me to come and do a presentation and/or book signings for your group, church, or book stores, please contact me via the following methods:



I look forward to meeting you, your group, your church members, and any and/or all clients for those that seek me for book signings for their stores.

Klacey 🙂


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