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Hello to all WordPress bloggers.  My name is Klacey J. Smith, and I am an author who has very strong convictions.  Having adverse experiences with various departments supposed to protect victims, such adverse situations have led me to begin writing the first of three books, “Edie’s Castle, Part One: Paula’s Prophecy.”  Urged on by previous Prelaw professors, not to mention my high school teacher way back when, my tears flowed profusely with each typed word causing me to relive the horrors that my youngest son, me, and the rest of my family were put through at the practice of the most heinous corruption, discriminations, and adverse conspiracy of the law you might never before have heard of.  Realizing that such trials and tribulations stem nationally across all statelines, as evidenced by others sharing their horror stories with me, my book reaches out to those going through a similar, “Living hell,” in that they may learn from those of us who have already survived such nightmarish situations.  So bad is our story, portrayed especially in the third book to be written, that one outside onlooker stated that such a story would make, “A great Stephen King movie!”  At best, I hope my written words can help others, and, if such a wish be answered, then our family will have recouped some sense of peace from all that we’ve so needlessly been put through.

Watch Out for this Must Read New Book!

Watch Out for this Must Read New Book!.

Terrific New Book Being Released: “Edie’s Castle: Paula’s Prophecy,” by Klacey J. Smith. 

This book is a must read especially if you are a victim of domestic violence or know of someone who is.  It spans across all stages of growth and development from that of a small child to an adult, and involves all the drama of loves gained and lost, the mystic of a medium that made predictions, but then wouldn’t tell that which she saw where it was so incredibly horrible, and God’s hand at work in mysterious unfolding events.   Due to be released, all being well, in late August or early September, this is the first in a series of three which one onlooker of this true life story stated would, “Make a great Stephen King Movie!” 

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Watch for the release and obtain your copy from either online Borders, Barnes & Nobles, or Amazon.com.

            We can all learn from this true life story contained in this book.




Klacey J. Smith, Author

Originally from a little village in Oxfordshire, England, by the name of Steeple Aston, I had aspirations to come to, “The Land of Milk and Honey,” at a very early age.  I beleive that this dream was initiated by my many friendships formed with some of the other kids located on “The Yankee Estate,” at the top of our village.  This dream was discarded and rekindled with loves gained and lost, but was prophesized to be so by a sweet old lady doing a spread of cards whereby she saw horrors that she refused to reveal to me at that time, a mere seventeen year old who knew nothing of what she truly wanted in life.  Having come through those horrors, as a means of healing for my family and me, and encouraged by some of my prelaw professors, I have began to tell my story in the series of books entitled, “Edie’s Castle.”  The first one in the series, soon to be released in October is called, “Edie’s Castle: Part One: Paula’s Prophecy.  It can be obtained online at Barnes and Nobles, Borders, and Amazon.com.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a very strong and determined advocate for victims of Domestic Violence, am horribly opposed to the dysfunctions and corruption that exists in the judicial system and child protective services, and wish to bring to justice those that abuse their power and authority entrusted to them. If you have a problem that you would like to share with me, stories of your own, or those of others who have gone through horrors regarding any of these issues, please contact me at:


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